Account Activation?


I bought my dreamhost account yesterday, just wondering if anyone knows how fast they are with activating them. Looks great so far but would like to start setting up my site, I can’t do anything yet! Sorry for being impatient :stuck_out_tongue:


your account should have been setup already. maybe your card got rejected…

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Oh ok thanks :s… I’ve submitted a support request about it now then, there’s 566 pending support emails! :expressionless:


yeah they had some problems over the weekend and i think they are just totally stacked up on emails.

did you get a confirmation email that you signed up? if not then you probably never got signed up and should just do it again. You get a confirmation email when u first sign up and another once your card goes through…

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Yeah I got a confirmation of my account, and a confirmation of payment. I can log in to my control panel, but I can’t do anything on it until it’s been activated


Just an update for anyone reading the topic to say that my account has now been activated :smiley:
^ very happy now ! :stuck_out_tongue: ^

Thanks for your help


Lol, yeah they’re pretty good about activating it once you e-mail about it. I had the same thing happen to me. Anywho, good luck with your webbie! :D!

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cool it worked out, i thought u signed up and never heard from them again…

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In my experience, most accounts are approved almost immediately, but some can take a few days, especially if something about the application trips the fraud detection system.

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Yeap. the CC i used was detected as Fraud. So I have to fax them the card details soI can use that card…

will have my account activated soon. :smiley: