Account Activation problems!


I created my account like 8~9 hours ago when I tried to activate it via phone call the system would not recognize the digits. Now my account appears as “disabled” I’ve submitted issues: #4068464, #4068866, #4069125, but I have yet to hear from them.

I would really like to know how to activate my account because this is just plain absurd. I have managed dreamhost sites for friends before that’s why I decided to use it for my personal needs but this is turning to be a waste of time.

You’ve opened multiple accounts, closed them, requested that one be reopened, and then had it closed again. You will need to explain to Support exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, as what we’ve seen so far is rather unusual.

I did request a previous one to be close after I had the same experience that I am having right now. Activation failed and the account ended up being disabled after frustrating hours. So when support contacted me (around 12 days ago) I told them I wanted that account to be close.
I even included the first attempt in one of my support requests. I am not hiding that fact that this is my second try to sign-up for the service.

I decided to give it another try now and the same thing happened: I registered for an account, get to the activation phase, receive the automated phone call that doesn’t recognize when I type my PIN, now screen says that I should contact support. I contacted support via the form asking how we can proceed and I have yet to receive an answer / or reply except for the a “Request have been moved” automated email from the “Ticket moving robot”. At no point during this second registration process I have requested to close my account.

What I am trying to accomplish?
I want to sign up for the service.

Why support hasn’t contacted after I submitted my questions?
I have no idea

Why the automated phone call doesn’t recognize when I type the digits?
I have no idea

You will have to contact DH support and explain. We are just customers here. Good luck!

Finally got someone from support. Things are starting to be resolved now. Thanks JohnR