Account activation pending


I registered today around 7 hours ago, waited for 3 hours and submitted 2 tickets on an interval of 2 hours but didn’t get any revert about pending status of my account activation.

I have to shift my hosting on urgent basis but I am unable to do so because of this.

My account status is still showing pending and have not received any update yet, any clues?

Vikas sharma

Two things delay activation: Being out of the US, and using Google Checkout. Typically, they aim to activate within 24 hours. Submitting multiple tickets within the first 24 hours is not helpful. You’re just going to have to wait, and since it’s the weekend, it may take a little longer.

Oh, that’s a bit disappointing, I have 3 domains to shift to the new hosting and want to do that at earliest. I have used an Indian credit card for payment, amount deducted was somehow US$1.33 but its the demo version. I am ready to pay everything today, but didn’t find the option to purchase without promotion :frowning:

Any suggestion?

Any possibility?