Account Activation Pending | Very Slow Support Team


My account activation is pending for so many hours. It’s too bad. I thought of launching the site soon but because of this slow process it’s getting delay. Bitter Experience with Dreamhost. I think i need to move to some other hosting provider. This shows that they are slow in everything and not truly 24*7 customer support as they’ve mentioned. What you think ?


Hi @rishanth,

I am sorry to hear of the delay! Do you have an open ticket? If so, can you provide us with the ticket number? (should start with an 8)

If you do not have an open ticket, please submit one from your panel requesting the activation of your account here:

You can then reply to this thread with the ticket number and we can get it over to our accounts team.

Thank you!


Keep in mind, account approval is not the same as customer support. I’ve had a couple of support tickets recently and they were responded to very quickly.

Because account approvals involve money, they also involve banks, and that does slow down the process, depending on where you are in the world. This is to protect both you and DreamHost. (Source: I used to work at an American bank.)


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