Account Activation Pending - Approval Not Available on Weekend?


I just purchased the monthly Dreampress hosting plan, and the money was taken out of my bank out just fine, but I still received an email saying my account is pending. It says:

“We had a problem automatically approving your account. You’ll be hearing from us within 24 hours so that we can resolve any problems and activate your account.”

I’m currently working on a very time sensitive project, and I had anticipated using this entire weekend to get it finished up (I ran into server problems with my previous host, hence my last-minute transfer to Dreampress)- will I really receive a response in 24 hours or should I not expect one until Monday (after reading previous discussions, it appears your Approvals Team only operates on weekdays)?

If I cannot have my account activated until Monday, then I have to ask why the false promise of 24 hours? If it is possible to have my hosting up before Monday, can we please get this escalated?

Thanks so much in advance!

Our Approvals team now works weekends as well. You should get a response from them soon.

Additionally, also check your spam/junk folder. I could be there too.