Account Activation call not working

I’ve tried doing their whole have them call you and activate your account immediately but it doesn’t seem to ever work. It just hangs up on me. I’ve contacted support and they have not responded to me. It’s been quite some time and I am getting a little worried that something is wrong with my account Any adivcE?

I just signed up tonight and am having the same problem. Reported it to support 2 1/2 hours ago and no reply as yet. Anyone have a suggestion?

Hi, I too am having this problem. I submitted a ticket over 10 hrs ago and am still waiting for a response. I am surprised to find that it takes so long to get access to the tools for setting up your site. Other services give you access right away. Is this what I can expect from dream host?

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They just fixed this manually for me.


I saw my phone number had a +1 in front of it
i.e. +12345678901
since I live in the US my dialcode is 001
changed the +1 to 0012345678901
worked the first time.

+1 is the same as 001.
00 is a ‘breakout’ code for international dialling in a large number of countries. Though it isn’t universal. Whereas (I believe) + is universally recognised as international breakout.