Account activation and domain registration

I have become Dreamhost customer about 4 hours ago - and regret it already.
I was hoping to work on my website this weekend, but my account still says “pending” even though I can see that my payment went through. What is worse, the domain that I included to be registered when becoming Dreamhost customer is still listed as “available”. I have sent a message through my Dreamhost panel. Do you know if they work on weekends?

My ticket ID (in case Dreamhost customer support is reading this):


Hi there,

Thank you for contacting us for support. I was able to get your ticket escalated over to our Approvals Team so they can manually approve your account. I’m afraid that they are only in the office part time on the weekends. They will get your account approved and send you an email update accordingly. Your patience as they do so is greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions please be sure to let us know,

Matt C

Dear Matt,

Thank you very much for this info. Based on what you wrote (“I’m afraid that they [Apprpvals Team] are only in the office part time on the weekends”), I think it is quite misleading what is written on Dreamhost website:
“Sales & Support, at Your Service.
24/7 in-house support, here when you need us.”

Knowing that there is 24/7 in-house support is one of the reasons why I signed up. They should probably update the website, adding something like “We offer 24/7 forum support, but approvals team works only part-time on weekends”. This would be more honest.

Support is available 24/7, and not just this forum.

The approvals team is not 24/7 tho.

For what it’s worth, they have made changes in that area, it’s a lot better now than it used to be.

i have created an account for days now but i haven’t been able to carry out
any action because my account is still awaiting approval.
below is the message i got.

Your account is pending!
“The DreamHost account approvals team will get back to you shortly with
details on your new account.”

please rectify this or should i join another hosting company.

Hello Macdonald

Thank you for contacting us for help! If you can supply us with a support ticket# (starting with a 7) or a domain name on the account we can get it over to our approvals team right away.

Matt C

I’ve register 16 hours ago and the message “The DreamHost account approvals team will get back to you shortly with details on your new account.” is not true, because for me shortly means 2 or 3 hours… What means this message for support or Approvals team? days?
I’ve received a message #138506855 saying that the activation must to be manually, but i can’t believe that the activation takes too long time

The approvals team sadly doesn’t operate on a 24 hour basis. it’s 8:30am in the dreamhost offices as I type this, you should hear from someone soon.

Good that you gave the msg number, one of the employees will likely expedite when they read the forum.

Sorry to hear your account got stuck in the filters that prevent abuses of online payments. It seems that my colleagues already noticed that your account needs manual approval and sent you a message with instructions on how to proceed.

Let’s close this thread now because every request is different: if your account needs manual approval and you’ve waited more than 24 hours, please open a ticket on (pick “other” from the dropdown menu) or start a new thread here.