Account Activation and disabled

I signed up for vps and my account then went to pending status.

Raised a ticket and got a response from Dean. He asked my to complete a form and fax it to confirm my card charging. Is this norm?

Didn’t understand so I raised a ticket again and have had no response.

Today I sent my fax back but now my account is shown as disabled … And still no reply about 13hours now.

Can someone please help me get this sorted at dreamhost as it is impacting on my work.

you can contact using this form…

FYI tho that form seems to not work anymore, not sure if that’s permanent or they are using a beta (there is beta in the redirected URL) page for the weekend… but this link seems similar

since it’s a holiday weekend in the US you most likely won’t hear from the team that handles approvals until Tuesday business hours (GMT-8).