Accidently did something.... dns

Hoping someone can help. I have hosting at dreamhost, and placed a park on my domain. Then shortly afterwards, clicked the x next to it under ‘Manage my Domains’.

Now it seems that I don’t have any domain hosted by dreamhost. I added the www and . DNS records back, but the panel still shows that I have no domains with dreamhost.

If I try to add hosting for my site, it says that the domain is already present in the database of domains.
Any ideas?

The x will delete it, so you’ll have to re-add the domain–but I’m not sure how long it takes for it to completely drop out of the system.

I’d probably undo any DNS stuff you changed, then try again to add the domain. If it still says it’s already in the system, you could try waiting – or just contact support through the panel, letting them know what happened and that you wish to have the domain added to your account again.

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