Accidentally parked a domain, how to restore?

Hi guys,

I was parking one of my domains but I stupidly and accidentally parked a different one instead. This one had a live web site with a Wordpress install on it.

When I added it back on my panel to be fully hosted, all the files and settings were gone. Is there any way to restore my web site and the settings? I tried the Domain Restore function but it didn’t work.

Would appreciate the help. Thanks!

Your best bet would be to contact Support. Is your database still listed in the Manage MySQL section?


Heya Scott.

I did contact support and Robert was able to restore the site. Apparently my files and settings were still there but when I re-added the domain to be fully hosted, the WWW folder was set to /[] instead of /[domain] which it previously was. Robert corrected this and my site is back up.

All is well! Cheers!