Accidentally deleted Wordpress website



I accidentally deleted the wrong files because in my webFTP for some reason my selection jumped up to the wrong area and I didn’t notice it until I had told it to delete.

So now I’m trying to reinstall Wordpress and it tells me that it’s already there. I’ve gone back into the regular FTP and there is nothing in the main FTP at all.

I decided to create a /sandbox and added Wordpress to it. My problem is, how do I transfer this to the main part so that when someone pulls my website up, it accesses the correct ‘main’ page?

I had no problem doing it the other way but since it won’t let me reinstall, I’m kind of stuck now.

Thanks in advance.


What happens when you visit the site with a browser? Is anything there?

You can’t actually delete the database with FTP of any sort. (And even if you delete the database from PHPMyAdmin, DH hangs on to the database.) If you reinstall WP into the same directory, you should be able to connect to the database using the same database settings (host, user, pw).


I actually got the problem fixed. I called tech support and they said I did have a backup that they reinstalled.

Thanks so much for the follow-up.