Accessing Webmail

I signed up here at Dreamhost yesterday, and the new domain seems to be available from the web, so I thought I’d try SquirrelMail. When I try to log in there, I get an error saying either the username or password was wrong. I created a new mailbox to try again, same problem.

Thanks for any help!


I’ve had this headache several times. There seems to be a delay between when your domain is recognized and when SquirrelMail gets around to it.

In my experience, it can take as long as a couple days. I once had it last longer than that and I had to contact Support… it ended up being a configuration error on their end when they were moving machines.

Welcome to Dreamhost, it’s a great place with good support. If you don’t have a referrer yet, use me

Good luck!

Hrm - it shouldn’t take a couple of days… a couple of hours maybe.

Little trick to see if the mailbox itself exists - instead of logging in with the email address, login with the username, and add a bang (!) to the end… like: