Accessing the site without a domain name?

I have a dreamhost account and wanted to know if I can access my account’s websites via a web interface. On my previous host, it was and that pointed to my user folder’s public_html folder. Is something like this possible through dreamhost?

What are you trying to do? Edit the files on your website?

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There is a web ftp interface for transferring files, and there is a web database interface for database access. One-click install software packages also have web interfaces.

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I am trying to access my website via a url that doesnt require a domain name. Like, on my host, I can access files via my domain name or

Is this possible with dreamhost? We are having dns entry conflicts and I would like to redirect users to our page using a static address on dreamhost like or whatever.


You can accomplish that by setting up a and “mirroring” the directory for domain that is setup on DreamHost.

See this wiki page and this post/thread, which contains additional references and explanatory links, to see how it works.


I have setup a mirror and will see how this works. I will let you know my results. Thanks!

Good Deal! I’m hopeful it will meet your needs, at least until you get your DNS sorted out! :wink: