Accessing Site

I recently changed the DNS of my domain to another server for the
moment, but I need to get to my old one without changing the DNS back.
What URL can I use to access it?

Use the machine name your account is on. For example if you’re on the foothill server use

I believe you actually have to set up a mirrored doamin. Log into your panel and add a new domain. Type in something like and set it to be a mirroed domain, from the drop down list.

Now, in a couple of hours you’ll be able to access the website files that are on dreamhost through this mirrored sub-domain.


You only need to do that if you want to view it on the web.

From :

Use the FTP client to connect to (if your domain hasn’t been transferred to us yet, you can connect temporarily to your machine name as reported to you in the welcome email… something like, and let it automatically detect the host type. To connect, use your username and password that you chose for your account. If your ftp client asks for the “initial remote host directory”, you can just leave that blank.

Yes, you are right, for FTP access you use even if you do set up a mirroed domain. you’d only use the mirror for viewing your site in a browser (IE, firefox. etc.)