Accessing site w/o domain name

I’m moving my bulletin board ( from shared hosting at DH to a dedicated server with a different host. This will be a big relief to all of us as we’ve really been bogging down our DH server.

The DNS update to move my bbs’ domain to the new server’s name servers is in the process of being propagated. I can still get in to my DH account now via the domain name, but when the dns update hits my ISP, I’ll be out of luck.

I can access my DH site via ftp using the IP, but I haven’t figured out how to access via http using the IP.

Have tried http://[ip num]/~username with no success.

Administrator, Timeshare Users Group BBS

Replying to my own post in case it benefits others.

I found this thread:

… and have now created a mirror of the DH site as

Says it will be set up in several hours.

Administrator, Timeshare Users Group BBS