Accessing plug in in my wordpress install

I have transferred from to dreamhost. The transfer appears to have gone ok; I have also pointed the DNS to dreamhost from wordpress.
It may be that I am being impatient but so far I cannot see the plug in options on my wordpress dashboard.
Is this because I have to wait for the DNS repointing to take place ?
I am at

Thanks in advance


As of now most of the world should be seeing your new DNS entries.

If it’s not working yet for you it should be soon. Try Using Ctrl-f5 to refresh the page in your browser.

Hi Lake Rat,
Thanks for this:
Please could you advise how do I get to see the plugins option in my dashboard?


If you are still seeing dashboard you are still getting the page from

Right now on your domain I’m seeing the end of wordpress setup. You might try clearing your DNS cache, or a different browser etc.

I’m seeing the set up page right now. Hope no one starts editing it before OP gets a chance!