Accessing phpMyAdmin

This is not my first time using phpMyAdmin, but my first time with DreamHost. I’ve searched for the past few days, and tried every username and login combo I can think of to try and gain access to it. The accounts are set to be able to edit them the databases but do not work.

What am I doing wrong here? What username and password do I login with? Do I still go to (replacing with your domain).

Go into the panel for Goodies -> Manage MySQL. You’ll see a list of hostnames to use (or click on the phpMyAdmin link). Below that are the databases with the associated user. Click on the user and it’ll tell you the password at the bottom of the screen.


Yes, that is the only way I know to do it, and the only way I have tried. NONE of the usernames and passwords work. If I create a new one, it dosn’t work either.

Submit a ticket to Support. And let us know what they find out in case it happens again with someone else.