Accessing phpMyAdmin on Mirrored Site?

I’m trying to transfer an existing site (a wordpress blog) to Dreamhost. That in mind, I’d like to get it fully up and running before switching the domain registrar to Dreamhost.

I’ve followed the instructions at:

and can successfully access my new (empty) site through the .dreamhosters mirror. I’ve also set up an (empty) wordpress installation. Now, I’d like to import my old data into the mySql database on my new Dreamhost account. However, I can’t get figure out how to launch phpMyAdmin for the wordpress database to do the data import. I’ve tried accessing [database].[domain] but that doesn’t work.

Any ideas?

Figured it out… I needed to remap the MySQL database to the mirrored site in


Can you (or anyone) tell me where to get phpMyAdmin in DH?

I can’t find it for the life of me.

I am in your exact same situation (Wordpress blog) but also have a PostNuke install to migrate.

Thanks, kj

phpmyadmin is at the host name you set up for the database. In an internet Browser, just go to (using what ever you set as the hostname for the database)


Thanks but how do I…

“remap the MySQL database to the mirrored site in


I need to do that first I think.