Accessing old mail after Google Apps transfer


A client of mine transferred their email to Google Apps today and didn’t migrate over their existing IMAP mailboxes first. The Google apps setup is working fine for - but their Dreamhost webmail login was – until this evening, was still working for them to be able to access their old email through squirrel mail, but now it’s stopped working. New email is correctly going to their Google Apps mailboxes, they just can’t access the mail that was in their Dreamhost mailboxes anymore and they need access to that this weekend while they are planning to bulk-migrate those mailboxes over to Google next week. Can someone advise on how these users can login to the OLD webmail while they are waiting for someone to do the proper mailbox migration? Their mail server, according to their account status is “homiemail-master” – how would they login to that server directly? Thank you.[hr]
Also - to be clear, I’ve confirmed that doesn’t have any CNAME or other MX record set for it - only the cname for was added automatically when they went through the Google App setup in the DH control panel – so I’m not sure why would stop working.

calendar CNAME
docs CNAME
ftp A
mail CNAME
mysql A
sites CNAME
www A


I finally found the answer to the above by digging around in the WIKI. Webmail works via

Now, however, we’re on to the business of trying to migrate the contents of the old mailboxes over to Google and I can’t find how to access the old mailboxes via IMAP now that now points to Google.[hr]
I checked the headers of some emails sent yesterday trying to find the server name and I found ( []

Which of those would I use for the IMAP migration/import tool?