Accessing new domain while DNS is propagating?

I just signed up for a new account with DreamHost (Yeah 555 plan!).

Is there any way to view my site while I’m waiting for the DNS to propagate? I didn’t purchase the static ip address.


This question gets asked a couple of times a week on these forums - a search would have pointed you to THe DH WIki article on Viewing your site before DNS Changes :wink:


Don’t think there is any way to access everything. You should be able to assess the webftp under manage domains but for mostly everything else you will probably need to wait till the domain propagates. Thankfully this shouldn’t be long.

One thing I would suggest is also set up the mysql domain name at the same time as they will also need time to propagate.

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Thanks for the quick reply, I got it set up.

I had searched, but apparently searched for “propogate”, so the misspelled word found only 1 match.

I also got the mysql dns set up. Thanks again for the replies.

No proble! I’m glad you got it working (and it is hard to search sometimes with a mispelling :wink: )_.

At any rate, Welcome to Dreamhost. :slight_smile: