Accessing mail via outlook, ipads etc?

I would like to set up my home Outlook to be able to access the email address(s) associated with my dreamhost site, and to be able to access the mail via my iPad.

I believe I will need pop server info, yes?

What do I put in those incoming and outgoing server address slots?


You can use IMAP or POP (, it’s really up to you and how you’d like to set up the accounts in those clients. :slight_smile:

excellent! thanks

You’re welcome! If you need specific help setting things up, you’re always welcome to email our support team directly via the Contact Support link in your web panel :slight_smile:

If you are using multiple devices, and you are since you mentioned outlook and iPad, I would use IMAP over POP.

To clarify: Use IMAP instead of POP.

Thanks again. I will look into it all tomorrow!