Accessing my site if I'm not the designer

I fear this is a fairly amateur question-

I have dreamhosting but I had a friend design/upload my website.

Can I access the site on my own to make changes/updates to it without needing to be on his computer?

You will need his username and password he used to log into your site. That would be the FTP username that’s listed in Manage Domains for that site.

Alright! I got that info! Now where can I use it?

From Manage Domains, you can click the WebFTP link for that domain and log in with the username and password.

Or, use a good FTP client, like Cyberduck or Filezilla:

Is your site built with WordPress, or something your friend has on his computer? If you want to make changes, you should do it the same way your friend does.

Scott, I wish you many smiles.