Accessing my site before domain transfer


My site is currently hosted & registered on another server. Before I update my domain name to point to dreamhost, I would like to test and make sure that I have transferred all my files properly.

How do I access my files on dreamhost from my browser before changing my domain DNS records?

Thanks in advance


There are a couple of approaches you can take, and they are well described in the DreamHost Wiki:



Many thanks for the speedy reply.

Have created a subdomain on dreamhosters. Now, I’ll just have to wait till the records are updated.



You are welcome, and good luck! :slight_smile:



OK, I created new domain (Fully Hosted) from my web panel for “”. But “” is currently hosted on another server.

Then I created a mirror “”, mirroring “”.

Now, when I browse “”, I get a 403 error page.

What did I do wrong?



Sounds like you mirrored a blank directory.

Have you ftp’ed your files over to DH yet?


I have an index.html file already in the “/home/user/” directory.

It was the permission settings of my user directory. Had to be changed from 700 to 751. “700” disallowed everyone except me from reading the files. :frowning:

Thanks to DH support for pointing that out.



Glad to hear you’re up and running.

Good Luck!