Accessing maildir

I am trying to access my emails through the maildir directory but cur/tmp/new are all empty. I have read on the forums here that dreamhost has changed the email storage to a dedicated server which is why the email works but is not showing up in maildir.

I need to be able to parse the emails manually. I also read that the maildir directory is now for Is it possible to forward all my emails to this address, if so how would I get that address? (What is the ‘machinename’ part?) Or is there some other way I can access them?


You’re correct that you can’t access your raw mail file. The ‘machinename’ part of the address will be your web server, which you can find by going to the panel and clicking Account Status. You can forward by just adding that machinename address as a forward address for your Fully Hosted email address.

Thanks, I actually don’t have access to the panel, my friend does. I sent him an email and I’m waiting to hear back from him. In ssh there is a name written everywhere, “nationals” and trying to ssh into gets me to the same place as my normal ssh address. Could my machinename be nationals?

I tried sending an email to and did not get a bounce back but it also did not show up in my maildir directory. Are there any settings that need to be enabled before the maildir directory will be used?

nationals is quite likely correct but you should double-check. Not every user account has SSH enabled. Again, this is set in the panel, so you’ll need that access. I was able to send mail from my Mac’s command line at home to and it showed up right away in the Maildir/new/ directory. I’ve never done anything to make this work, so it appears to be on by default.

hmm does not receive a bounce back but does so I think is right, I’ll double check though. Also in the SSH it says welcome to

Emails never show up in maildir though. Could you please clarify what you were saying about ssh in that last reply? My account has SSH enabled, thats where I saw nationals. Maybe it’s possible that the account has a 0mb limit? But then shouldn’t I get a bounce back saying the mailbox is full?

Thanks for the help

Nevermind that last one, the issue was there was a .forward file on the server forwarding the emails to my gmail account. As i sent emails from my gmail and they got forwarded to my gmail they were not showing up anywhere. I changed the name of the .forward file and emails to are now showing in maildir.

I have read somewhere else that there is a 100 sent email limit, does this apply to the address? If I need to send an email to over 100 people can I BCC them all to avoid the limit?

Full information on the sending limits (which apply to all DreamHost mail accounts) are found at Note the limits are on the number of recipients per hour from an email user, so each BCC or CC recipient counts toward the quota as a “sent” email. You cannot avoid the limit in this way.

Thank you rlparker, very informative but causes me some problems, I would use announce lists but there are multiple lists and they must be dynamically read in from a database.

Thanks for your help guys


Do you know where I can find the log of the Emails sent by my websites ?

All Microsoft Email services users do not receive messages sent by my website and Microsoft wants to know if I get a bounce message.

Thank you for your help.

If the emails were sent “by your website” via sendmail/PHP mail(), etc. you will find any messages in the Maildir for your FTP user under which the website runs. For actual logs, you will need to submit a support ticket and ask the Technical Support team to research the logs for you.

Thank you so much for your quick reply as noone replied my LIVE CHAT on the panel.

I see the Maldir of my user, only one folder has something inside and it’s call “new”.

I am still trying to open it now but seems not possible ? Is it the correct one ?

Filezilla seems frozen, just telling me: Listing directory /home/xxxx/Maildir/new


It finallly opened and many files inside, what can I do to find any error and why my messages are blocked by Hotmail, Live, Msn, etc… ?

Thanks again.

[quote=“makeonlineshop, post:9, topic:52842”]All Microsoft Email services users do not receive messages sent by my website and Microsoft wants to know if I get a bounce message.

Your email messages sent from your website are probably being rejected by receipient email servers because DreamHost’s outgoing email server is currently listed on several blocklist sites including SpamCOP.

Thank you for reply.

Even though I pay for a dedicated server at dreamhost it changes nothing it seems ?

It cannot be unblocked ?

And why people using Gmail get our messages ? (google does not use the same blacklists ?)

In case Dreamhost cannot do anything I wonder if I could use another service specialized in sending emails that reach the persons ?

Thanks again.