Accessing Maildir via ssh


I’d like to create a email address that I can access and backup via SSH as well as IMAP. It appears that I won’t be able to access any email addresses I create in the ‘Mail’ tab of this way, and that I will need to make a new user for it (or use my original user?). How do I ‘link’ my email address with that user?



You would have to create a mailbox for that also forwards to The mailbox will support IMAP, and the will support SSH. USER is your FTP username, and Machine is your Website machine as shown in the Account Status listing in the panel here.




Does this work anymore? I have been moved from hyperion to nuggets earlier this month and lost my Maildir in the process though my mail still seems to work. Is there something else we need to do to re-enable access to Maildir via ssh?



From the Wiki on the recent server moves:

Custom procmail changes
If you are using an email .procmail (filtering) or .forward (forwarding) file to use custom filtering it will no longer work unless some changes are made. This is because the mailbox is no longer associated with your shell user and it handled by its own mailbox only login (i.e. no shell). If you would like to use Pine/Mutt to read your mail or have a script do further processing of it, you will need to go to the “Mail”->“Message Filters” section of your web panel and setup a new filter to ‘Forward mail to a shell account’. This will send all mail to that shell user to be processed further by a script or delivered to your shell users inbox. Doing this will prevent you from accessing mail via webmail or an email client though. In order to access mail via both pine/mutt and an email client/webmail, you’ll need to setup another filter to search for a custom header in your email prior to having it forwarded to your shell user. You can then have your procmail script add that custom header to the message and forward it back on to your email address. That way on it’s second time around it will catch your first filter and be delivered to your mailbox inbox instead of hitting the second filter and be directed back to your shell inbox again.”

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Thanks for the prompt feedback! I did google this before posting but obviously didn’t get my query quite right so didn’t see this.

While I’m sure this workaround will work, won’t it chew up a significant number of the “100 emails per hour” limit that Dreamhost places on sending emails? We might end up in a situation where we can’t receive emails because they bounce when forwarding between our multiple users…



Correct. So you would need to get your mail filtering done in a different environment because DreamHost shared hosting is no longer compatible. If you can deal with a DreamHostPS, you can write Support to see if they are willing to setup a VPS that works with Postfix. Or you can host your mail on some other machine that you have more control of.

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