Accessing Domain before Registration


I’m new to DreamHost, and was wondering how I would go about the following:

I’m moving a WordPress blog from GoDaddy to DreamHost. The site is currently live at GoDaddy, and the URL points to GoDaddy web hosting. I have a new Domain set up on my account with DreamHost, which matches the URL I will be moving over.

So for example, let’s say I currently have on GoDaddy, and a domain named on DreamHost. I can ssh in to the DreamHost server and see the directory, along with the WordPress installation I just installed with the one-click installation.

So my question is, how can I access this new WordPress site on DreamHost before the registration is set up? All of the panel tools (Visit, FTP, etc.) all point to the GoDaddy site. I want to set up the new site and get all the plugins set up before I switch over the URL, but I don’t see how I can access the DreamHost site with a web browser.

Thanks for any help,


Welcome aboard, Michael :cool:

I usually do this by editing the HOSTS file on my PC.

Then just remove the edit when finished with development.