Accessing content on subdomain

Hello all,

I am very new to web dev and could some help.

I have a DNS only domain that I redirect to a Blogger site.
I have a fully hosted subdomain where I uploaded via FTP some PHP files that access my MySQL database. I also have a few test HTML pages.
I have not been able to access the PHP or HTML pages on the subdomain. What is the URL for these? For example, I have tried these, but neither work.

I can see via my FTP client that those pages are in the root of

Any suggestions?


Navigate to the Manage domains page in the panel, look for that subdomain. Check the web hosting column. It should say “fully hosted” followed by a username. Is that the username you are logging into FTP with? If not, change to this user.

Once logged in, you will see a directory in your home directory named: (your actual sub domain substituted of course). This directory is created automatically when you specify this user in the panel. Change into that directory and upload those two files there.

You can now access or just

I was using different accounts to run the site and to FTP. Thank you for your help. I am all sorted out, on this item at least.


Thought so.

In a nutshell, files for a domain must go in a directory that apache knows how to find. The user and path for that are specified with the manage domains page in the panel.