Access website before pointing DNS to Dreamhost

How do I access my client’s website on your luxembourg server BEFORE I’ve pointed the DNS to it? I want to set up and test the site before throwing the switch, but I can’t figure out how to get to the files. On another host I could get to the site via something like“username”, but that’s not working with you. Thanks –

This works well:


Thanks, Scott. I’m confused by how mirroring works… Does this mean I load the site files in, or directly into Right now I have Joomla installations in both areas, and this doesn’t seem right…

Should I have just loaded Joomla into the folder, set up the mirror, and do nothing else in the folder… but by typing into my browser it’s actually pointing to

Thanks –

Your second paragraph has it right. Set up your real domain here. The rest of the world won’t find it because you haven’t switched DNS over. Make point to

There will be no folder because it’s a mirror that’s controlled by the Apache webserver.


OK, once you said that there shouldn’t be an folder/directory I realized I’d set up the mirror incorrectly. So I deleted it and started over, and now I’m all set!

Thanks so much for your help, Scott – I really appreciate it.