Access webpage before domain name transfer


Before I transfer my domain name from my previous webhost over to Dreamhost, I need to set up some software and a database. I need to be able to access this software on my Dreamhost account using a browser. But how do I access my webpage?

I noticed there is a specific IP address assigned to my new account on Dreamhost when I go to the panel and click on Manage Domain Names and then click on DNS. Next to Record Type A I see a numerical IP address. But when trying to access that via a web browser, I just get Site Temporarily Unavailable error id: “bad_httpd_conf”.

Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.



Here ya go: :wink:



Thank you very much. I tried searching for information on this via the wiki - but I guess I wasn’t searching for the right keywords.


You are welcome! Sometimes finding things in the wiki can be a bit of a challenge. :slight_smile: