Access to site before updating DNS


Trying to test a site’s code before ‘flipping the switch’ from another hosting company. Is there a way to load the pages without redirecting DNS records? Maybe something to the effect of:


This would be very helpful!

While on the subject, I see that I can add a unique IP address to the domain for only $3.95/month. If I were to do so, I assume I’d be able to access the site via the IP (I understand that the IP can change, even though it is unique). However, would such a DNS record floating around conflict with the existing DNS records for the domain? I’m assuming not, only because my domain’s authoritative nameserver entries have not been altered. Any ideas as to whether selecting a unique IP address might achieve my goals without introducing any additional issues?


FYI to anyone trying to do the same…

It works. I decided to give it a try. Took about five minutes for the IP to become publicly accessible. After that, I was able to test the page via IP address without affecting my live website.

Hope that’s helpful to others!


It’s much easier to do this:

Thanks for the link. Great information. It seems I was on the right track originally, and will use this technique to test transfer my mysql databases as is described at:

Much appreciated!

Cheers guys for these 2 links, this will be great for working on the site behind closed doors until it’s ready to resolve to the proper address.

I take it that once the database is set up under you will need to export from the temp and then import to the correct address or will the temp address resolve automatically under the proper address once it’s been set?