Access to mail accounts via API

I would love to be able to manipulate (create, delete, change pw, change settings) mail accounts via the API.

My goal is to be able to write a program to sync parts of my AD forest to my dreamhost mail account so I can not have to use Exchange :wink:

I currently have a VPS, so that’s the context I’m coming from.


Ironically I just recently subscribed to a 3rd party Exchange server/email service provider, so as not to have to use dreamhost email.

If your business depends on email please read this thread, paying close attention to dreamhost’s own agreement in post #8.

Cool thanks for the info.

Back to the drawing board for me, heh.

Thanks for that link, LakeRat. I posted a comment there because I’ve also recently resurrected an old inquiry about getting an email API.

@dasfiend: I think we’ll need to go somewhere else for an email API, while keeping other services here of course.

But as I said in my other comment, it doesn’t matter what service we use, all services are subject to the whims of RBLs. The more sites there are on any shared host, the less reputable it looks, and the less reputable a server looks, the higher the chances of it getting shutdown. The only real “solution” is to manage your own server. Then again, if an RBL shuts-down your entire IP block (a.b.c.*) you’re completely shutdown with no up-line vendor to help you argue your case to the RBL service desks.

So to my knowledge, right now there are no good solutions for this.