Access to areas before domain nametag transfered

Hi, I just signed up today and got the free domain name. However, I wish to transfer an existing gallery 2 from another host. Before changing the nameservers in the current domain its sited, I just want to make sure the new gallery hosted here is working.

I expect I can browse with an IP/ ?

If that is the case, is there anywhere to find out the IP I need to use? If the assumption above is incorrect, anyone know how I can view before I change the nametags?



Check out this Wiki Article


Cheers. Just had a quick look and seems to fit the bill.


Well, Ive had a look - but no joy. Obviously to set the thing up before I transfer, I have to add the domain and then create the Mysql database and install.

When I select mirror, it says I cannot mirror a domain that is already registered. A bit of a chicken and egg!

Im sure I have probably misunderstood whats needed.

This is where I dont understand from your link instructions:

“Then, you need to add free sub-domain, you can do this on the Domains > Manage Domains > Add Domain and set it to mirror your domain”

When you click on the option to add subdomain, I dont see adding a sub domain being an option. Similarly, when it says “add free sub-domain” what exactly does that mean and how?

Im just confused at the control panel and creating the sub. Its probably obvious and I will kick myself afterwards - but at the moment, its not very clear at all!


Just use that text field to type in the sub-domain. type something like and make it a mirror of your domain.


Still struggeling.
Please correct me on the method…

I select add domain and enter (it is meant to be dreamhosters isnt it?) And register.

Next, I refresh and select mirror. Site to mirror is and the domain that mirrors is

This gets refused it says, because the domain is already registered on their servers.

I should point out that, the domain I registered with dreamhosts when I subscribed isnt the domain I want to host my new gallery with. But, in order to set it up and have Mysql set correctly, I had registered it. (If I didnt - MySql it would point to the wrong domain.)

So I thought, maybe its a DNS thing and I have to tell them to forget it for now. Selecting delete, tells me it will delete everything including any mySql databases!

Any ideas where I am going wrong? Whenever Ive done similar at other hosts, this has always been a doddle.



Think Ive now probably cracked it!

I take it you DONT register the domain name - but just enter the in the mirror location and nowhere else.

If thats correct (and it did get accepted), then its just a case of waiting for propagation. I did actually do this before - but obviously the name I used for the subdomain was already registered and why it was rejected.

But of course I may still have it all wrong! :wink:

Well it did work ! I also got a reply from dreamhosts. There are 2 ways to get this to work. Either by entering a new subdomain “to host” or via the mirror option. Using the first option, you get the ability to specify the directory within the domain to replicate. It amounts to the same thing if you are mirroring the root dir.

Many thanks for your help. Reason I was getting into probs - was in the link it mentions using the details from the FTP email they send. I was attempting to use the server name - which obviously isnt unique - and at least one person has thought the same and registered it (hence why I couldnt!)