Access to another user's files



I’m installing litespeed in my PS server according to this suggestions:

Since I can one have one instance of litespeed running and I have my sites distributed among various users, is there a way I can access another’s user files from a central user account?

It’s there a chmod for that?

Does anyone have another solution for that?


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You could setup a central user under a custom group (lspd) and add the users whose files you require access to the group. Then under each user account, chown [color=#0000CC][user][/color]:[color=#00CC00][group][/color] [color=#CC0000][file][/color] the required files to the central user.

chown [color=#0000CC]central[/color]:[color=#00CC00]lspd[/color] [color=#CC0000]somefile[/color]

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