Access Speeds

Is everyone here fairly happy with response times from DH’s servers? I’m trying to move over from, where speed is non-existant!

Beyond happy–in three years, I’ve never once seen any sort of slow response/slow download from DH’s servers, regardless of time of day. My experience may be atypical, but I doubt that.

If your response is any indication of satisfaction, then I must be on the right track!

Thanks for the input …


I’ve only been hosting here for a year and a half-ish, but I’ve nothing bad to say at all about the access times. FTP speed is also a lot better with DH than any other host I’ve been to, and they don’t time you out after .5 seconds of inactivity either, which is nice. :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve found them a lot speedier than most other hosts I’ve dealt with.



No kiding, I was just on, and they are terrible. They act like they are just experiencing problems at the moment, but nothing gets better. So that’s why I was looking here.

Well I just made the switch and within 5 minutes I’ve already received 6 emails detailing everything that happens in your dreams! I couldn’t be happier. You’re right about hostonce… it NEVER gets better. I was logging two or three trouble tickets each day and they were closed without resolution or response.

I have searched for weeks for the best hosting service and the thing that really puts DH over the top is their customer’s satisfaction! There are others that give you a little more disk space or “UNLIMITED” something-or-another, but they don’t have all the other goodies or the customer satisfaction!

Now all I have to do is learn friggen Dream-Weaver!

Thanks everyone …