Access Problem

This is not the problem of dreamhost. This is my client’s problem.

I have a client whose website is on dreamhost.
My website is also on dreamhost.

Problem: The client’s previous designer registered himself as the contact person for the domain. Only the previous designer has FTP access.

As far as the client knows, the previous designer has moved to Japan and they cannot contact him.

How do I gain access to the website?
How do I advise the client to transfer ownership from the old designer to him?

What steps does the client need to take? I’m sure this happens fairly often, but its the first time I’ve had to deal with it.


Where is the domain name registered. Usually, when I have a client who owns a domain name registered by a third party (ie. designer) i contact the domain name registrar (ie godaddy) they have a form which you need to have the owner fill out and send to them, and if they find the domain owner is incorrectly identified, they will give you access to the account. It’s sometimes not easy though.

Once you do that and get the owner properly on the domain name registrar, then you can contact dreamhost about the possibility of moving the account over to your webid, or if your client wants their own hosting plan, move it to theirs.

There may be others here who have an easier way though.