Access mysql database without a hostname

I have some databases, but don’t have a domain hosted here, or pointing here. How do I go about accessing my databases? What hostname do I use? I have users already set up, but I want to back up my databases, but am not sure how to do this without a hostname to use for them.

Any tips gratefully received.

Dreamhost lets you use sub-domains on

First you will need to visit Manage Domains page of the panel and add a sub-domain there. (add it as fully hosted) try maybe that probably is not taken, or anything as long as it’s not already used by another user. If your moving a domain eventually to dreamhost you might use your domain name like (which is the dreamhost suggested naming convention for sub-domains of

Once the above is set up, go to goodies > mysql databases in the panel and add a hostname there. After the above entry is made you will be able to create or maybe you prefer whatever you like.

@LakeRat - thanks I get how to create domains and subdomains, but I can’t see how to point that to a database.

Once you have at least one domain of some sort in our system, the MySQL panel will give you an option to create a database hostname.

Thanks again - I’ve created a domain on the mysql panel, but how do I point that domain to one of the databases?

You don’t need to.

MySQL hostnames are associated with database servers, not with specific databases. In most circumstances, there is only one database server used for all databases on your account, so you’ll be able to use that hostname for any of your databases.