Access my hosting before DNS propogates?

Hi, I just signed up, but am disappointed that there is apparently no way to access any of my pages for testing until DNS propogates. I know I can upload them through FTP already, but there’s always potential for breakage when you switch hosts because of different configs.

I’m especially concerned about accessing PHPMyAdmin. I can’t even set up my database until DNS propogates, since you can only access the database through a new domain that you choose. As soon as it does propogate, my site will be completely broken until I can login and upload all my database stuff. Hopefully I will be sitting right next to my computer the second that happens.

Am I just totally missing something here? I just find it hard to believe that this is how it works. :stuck_out_tongue:


To access your site while you are waiting for DNS to propagate, you can create a free sub-domain and set it to mirror your real domain. The procedure is outlined in the wiki article linked below;

You can actually, as you can assign multiple hostnames to a particular database server. See the wiki article below;


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Hey, thanks for such a quick reply. I didnt know there was a wiki but found it a few minutes after I posted my question. But i hadn’t yet found the articles you mentioned so thanks for pointing them out to me!

They should link to these in the panel page, instead of just saying “you must wait for DNS to propogate”, it should at least have links to these articles to quickly find the temporary solution. :slight_smile:

No problem, I am always glad to help where I can :slight_smile:

The wiki is full of really useful information, but I do agree that perhaps it could be linked a little more from the panel in a few more relevant places.

Good luck.


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