Access log

This is not so much of a problem, i just don’t understand what the log entry means.

It appears several times in the log file. Could anyone explain what it actually is. It was in the log 9000+ times yesterday


This article says a bit:
It makes it seem like it’s a normal occurrence. However, it does not appear in my logs. The article says that the log configuration can be modified by the admins to filter this out. Maybe it’s just getting filtered out on your server. Is it in your older logs?

its been doing it for the last 6 days at least, but only on one site it appears (only check 3 or 4, not them all)

This is normal for some domains — I’m not sure what the exact circumstances are that trigger it, but my experience is that it’s much more common on domains that have a Unique IP assigned to them.

In any case, it’s harmless, if annoying. Ignore it. :slight_smile: