Access dreamhost mysql from intranet system

I’m trying to access one mysql database fom a intranet system (internal localhost), what’s the address I should input in “Allowable Hosts”?

A lot of users use this system, so I can’t put one IP address only.

I already tried only one “%”, tried “%.%.%.%”.

How I can enable everybody to access?


I’m no expert, but is your intranet behind a firewall/proxy? If so, that may be the ip address to add, I think if you look up the ip address (eg. ) from the intranet’s network that may work

Give this a look to find out what your IP address is, and if it changes:

I’m surprised the % thing doesn’t work. Did you try it with a hostname/domain name or the IP address range?

Yeah, I’m using only one ‘%’, but no luck.

I can access my database ( ) using the browser, it will ask for the login and password, no problem at all.

But with SQLyog, no luck.
The error:
“Can’t connect to MySQL Server on ‘’ (10061)”

No luck :frowning:

I don’t want to use a fixed ip address or have to change it every time. I want to be open for every body. I mean, every ip.

Thank you.