Access directories via http

Hey, i’ve added one of my domains via the control panel although haven’t changed my domain’s nameservers yet because i want to minimize down time for my visitors and don’t want them to come to a configuration page.

Anyway I need to configure some php/mysql software in web interface before i change my nameservers over to dreamhost, but my problem is what would be the url to the domain’s directory via http if i’m not using the domain yet?

There really isn’t one, but you can view your site, databases, etc. without changing DNS, as indicated in DH Wiki article on viewing site before DNS change. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Set up a sub domain and configured the site, just waiting for the NS to update now, thanks.

One other question, i’m trying to log into my site’s stats but i get asked for another login. Which login am i meant to use? I tried every login i’ve been given to no avail

It should be the machine user/password for the user under which the domain’s CGI programs are run.

You can confirm which user this is, and/or add additional user/pass combinations from the Control pane l–> Status --> Ste Statistics screen - just click on the underlined (link) number under the “Stats User” column. From there you can confirm which user is set up for stats access, add additional users, or edit the users’ credentials.


Hmm i managed to log in but the /stats/ dir is empty, surely it should all be pre-setup if theres links to it in the control panel etc?