Access Denied

Hi DH gurus. This is a problem that many users- in fact most who use DH and phpnuke platinum are experiencing.

After setting up an admin account, phpnuke returns the message ‘‘access denied’’ upon logging into the account.

i got around this on my first hosted plan by removing the cgi and extra web security settings and then re-uploading everything.

is there a fix without having to do this?

ive just removed the cgi and extra security again…but am thinking that that alone doesnt fix it…the entire site needs to be uploaded again.

id rather be able to use the cgi and extra security, but dont know what to do…

any advice would be great.



It doesn’t work as php-cgi. The mod_security should work, but you might have to disable some of the other added security Platinum has (you might get some info at the techgfx forums).

7.6.1 should solve the php-cgi issue. I am waiting for that before switching to Platinum.