"Access Denied" when uploading via FTP

I’ve got two separate sites that I manage - one personal site and one site that’s a totally separate account for work.

When I log in to either site to upload via FTP I get an access denied message. I’ve tried using Filezilla and IE on both sites and get the same message on either site.

I can log in to Dreamhost’s web FTP utility and edit/delete/upload/etc. files using the exact same user name and password that I’m trying via FTP with IE and FZ and it works fine for both sites.

I could upload fine yesterday.

Any idea?

That’s really weird. You should contact support about that, but in future you may want to consider using SFTP for better security.

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Weirdest thing - still can’t upload via unsecure FTP, but I followed the instructions to use SFTP in the Dreamhost wiki and using the same username and password (also using Filezilla still) it lets me upload fine.

NO idea what’s going on. I’ll just use SFTP I guess… kinda sucks when I want to quick throw something up from another PC w/o Filezilla though. :frowning:

I’ve run into an instance where my IP address was blocked for using SSH because of failed logins (I goofed). Support had to unblock my IP address. Maybe they blocked your IP address for FTP in this case. Be sure to include your IP address when you contact support: