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hi one of my Clint website is not working properly i am getting Access denied. message to the website is and also the ftp account is not working too i tried to log in through the link but when i try to log in it says my password is expired and asking me to reset a new password. because of this issue i cant submit a ticket in my admin panel. please note that the site worked without any issue before this and i have updated the site last month also with the username and password using FTP (now not working) sunshinecharity is charity website for children and i want to make some changes and updates. how do i fix this problem? please it will be great if any one can help me out in this


@asiff6000fx I suggest you to immediately open a ticket on you don’t need to login, just pick ‘Other’ as a reason from the dropdown menu.

When I go to this link for help, it says it’s no longer there.

How do we get urgent email issues resolved???

I have no idea what dreamhost are doing but my WHOLE INBOX has been deleted and it isn’t receiving anything at all!!!

On top of that it is so difficult to get any help!!!

Tell me I am not the only one???

The symptoms you described make me think your account has been violated. You need to immediately go to as I suggested before and pick either ‘Other’ or ‘I cannot access my account’ from the dropdown menu. It’s the only way to get help in this sort of situation.

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