Access denied - can't set up database

wondering if anyone can help me out with this…
I’m trying to setup Mambo and Gallery2 on a new domain.
I’ve already created a mySQL db for the domain and
i can login the DB directly, so I know its working.

But for some reason, when I try to set up the DB
going through the installation/setup of Mambo and Gallery2
I get an “Access Denied” message - in both installations.

I have no idea whats wrong. I know I’m putting in the right info, and I’ve already
setup a Mambo/Gallery installation for another domain on the same dreamhost server.

more info:
Gallery2.01 and Mambo
and the DB is located at ""


Is the database on a server at your new domain? (e.g. mysql.[insertyournewdomainhere].com)
If you can log in through phpMyAdmin then check that the user of the database has all necessary privelages.

I’m not an expert at this, but just some things I would check…

nevervmind - as soon as i posted this message i tried it again and it worked this time. amazing.

Wow --
I was posting about Mozilla Thunderbird not working, then it worked, partly, then something else happened -
- lol.