Access database from Dreamweaver

i’ve been trying to access my database from dreamweaver from my home pc. i set it to allow my ip address to access the database.
when i typed in the database information i put:

and i checked this information more than twice. i checked my test server configuration and it is the url to my site, i saw quite a few posts where this was the problem. i even uploaded the connections folder that was created on my locol machine.

but when i test the connection to my database an error comes up. the error is:
“An undifined error has occurred”. can someone please help me with this?

I’m not familiar with dreamweaver, but it looks like your info may be wrong. You’ll need to specify the hostname - you created that when you set up the database. That would be something like Then you’ll need to specify the database name, and the user/pass. Everything execpt the password is displayed in the panel, if you need to check up on the info.


i did, i have a subdomain so it would be and thats what i have and i’ve tried inputing in the information every way i possibley could.

my php files can access mysql using the information i put in them and i put the same information in Dreamweaver that i put in them, there is nothing extra that i had to put in so when i told my database to let my ip address access it, it should of worked but im getting an error

I’m trying to work this problem out myself. But in my case I want to login with CocoaMySQL. But I knew it wouldn’t let me connect becuase I’ve tried it in the past with various other applications.

There’s a secret which for some reason isn’t published in the Dreamhost Wiki. But I stumbled upon it in the comments section of the old KB. I’m just racking my brain to remember what it was.

It’s has something to do with a change you need to make in the Dreamhost Admin panel, something to do with users accounts a allowing remote access.

Sorry that’s really vague. If I remember or work it out I’ll post back here again.

Just worked it out, you need to modify your Database User Account and add the IP address for you Home Computer