Access backup

I need to access a site backup from last night or the night before. Its just the style sheet I need. Can someone tell me how to do this? I looked at the Wiki and cant figure it out.


There is a hidden directory, called .snapshot, that contains various different copies of your site(s) that you can use for recovery. You can use something like PuTTY to access this hidden directory and retrieve earlier versions of your site files.

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Thanks for the reply. I am very new to the unix/linux world. I used putty to create a cron job, but thats all I know. I searched the internet for shell syntax, but came away with nothing. Can you tell me how to access and retreive the backup with putty?

Thanks a million.

It might perhaps be easier for you to use an FTP program to access the backups. For FTP, log in with the user/pass for the domain you’re working on. Now on the side of your screen where it shows the server you’re connected to, there’s generally a line where it prints what directory you’re in. Just click in there and add on after the / “.snapshot” with no spaces or anything. With luck that will put you into the directory and you can access your backup.

To use putty, bring up putty and connect to (replacing with your domain). You’ll be using the same log in as for FTP, however the use must have shell access enableld through the Panel > Users > Mange Users. If that hasn’t been done already the change can take 15 min or more to take effect.
Once you’ve logged in type “cd .snapshot” and press enter. now type “ls” and press enter. that should print up a list of the directoires and files in your snapshot folder. Select which folder you want “cd folder” again.

Once you’ve found the file you need you can use “cp” to copy it out. if the file is called style.css and you want to move it to your home directory the command would look something like this:
cp style.css /home/username/
replace username with the user you logged in as.

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  1. Use PuTTY to login to your server in the usual way.
  2. Enter cd .snapshot to change to the hidden directory.
  3. Enter ls and choose which backup you want to use. For example, nightly.1 is the backup from 2 days ago.
  4. Enter cd nightly.1 (or whichever), and then enter ls.

You will be presented with a list of folders that correspond to your website files. It should look exactly like the list you would normally see in your home directory. To retrieve a copy of your stylesheet, use cd to navigate to the directory containing the file and then use the cp command to copy the file to place you need it.

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Really appreciate the help. I had putty open, so I thought I might as well start to learn it. I followed the instructions and I receive the message “cp-missing destination file”

Thanks Again

You need to specify the filename on “both sides”, if you know what I mean. For example:

cp whatever.css /home/username/path/to/folder/whatever.css--------
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Thank you very much. Got the backups, site is backup, and I’m going to have a beer. One of those days, thanks again.