Acceptable use of disk space

You get an enormous amount of disk space for a nice price, but I can’t find any information about what I can use this space for. Am I just not looking hard enough?
I guess you are not allowed to use the space for backing up personal data (like photos, mail, documents etc.)?

I don’t think there are any restrictions. As long as it’s legal it should be fine. Uploading personal stuff.?. Why not? Good luck with filling those gigs with how most ISP’s cap the uploads though.

{ dvessel }

I haven’t seen any fine print on it, but I’d imagine if the content doesn’t violate the TOS, you should be okay as already stated.

I would just add that you should use common sense. For example, even if you’re storing it outside of your web directory, I wouldn’t put anything there that you don’t want to share with the world–especially in a shared hosting environment.

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The Terms of Service states that:

Maybe you should direct you question to the support staff?

I like to hear DreamHost’s take on this too…

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