Acceptable personal backup use

I’ve read the acceptable use terms and I want to make sure I don’t do something that flags my account.

With the personal backup user area that each account has, is there a restriction on what type of files you put there, within lawful limits of course. I know you are only supposed to put files that are related to your website within your normal account. Also is there a bandwidth cap for how often you can exchange files within the backup area for your 50 gigs.

My scenario: I am working with a group that might be changing to dreamhost shared hosting plan for their website and mail needs. They are currently paying for a 50 gig dropbox account for file/document sharing within the group. Is it acceptable to use the personal backup area for document sharing via sftp?

And I"m assuming that DH allows you to use ssh tunneling on a shared hosting account.



lot of useful information here:

The only thing I would worry about is there is a clause somewhere in the TOS that says you can’t use your personal backup account as a means of distributing files… [hr]
Actually, I take it back. I can’t find that clause anywhere now, but I swear it was there when I actually read the TOS a few years ago… Maybe things have changed.

You can use the personal backup server for personal file sharing, but please keep in mind:

[list][] There isn’t a shiny desktop client for the backup server. We don’t currently plan on creating one; if you need that level of service, go with something like Dropbox.
] The backup server is for backups. We don’t make extra backups of its data. If you accidentally delete something, it’s gone forever; we can’t recover it.
[] We don’t optimize for interactive performance on the backup server. Performance may be disappointing for non-bulk transfers (e.g, mounting the backup server and opening files directly from it).
] Don’t share the password to your backup account with anyone you don’t trust.

DH is so cool.