Accented characters in mailman message footers

Hello, all!
I’m a dreamhost user in Canada, which as you probably know is an officially bilingual (english and french) country. I am attempting to set up some mailman discussion lists, with bilingual footers for the messages. Unfortunately, when I have US english set as the default language, mailman strips out all the accented characters in the french portion of the footer. Using french as the default language prevents this from happening, but most of my list administrators want english for their admin pages.
What I would like would be a way to set mailman to NOT strip out accented characters when english is set as the default language. Alternatively, is there a way to have the admin pages open in english when the default language is french?
Thank you for your help!

can you set message encoding as utf-8? that should handle almost all encodings on earth

How do I set message encoding to utf-8, for all list subscribers?