Absolute Paths

How does one find the absolute path for a file. My Gallery installation (thanks for the installer by the way) is asking for the absolute path to a folder and I don’t know where to find it. Please help.
Thanks for your time,

The absolute path (also called relative from root) looks like this:

/home/username/domain.com/A quick way to retrieve this is with the following PHP superglobal:

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Thank you! All working now! Much appreciated.

Okay, I want to check my webpages without waiting for my domain name to transfer from my current hosting company! Is it possible for me to do this? I mean, so that I can type a direct path to a file in firefox.

I don’t want to have to wait till Monday to contact my current provider to notify them of transfer and then wait another load of time for the whole dilly to propegate (spl).


Yes, the DreamHost wiki has an article on the procedure.



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Ah okay. Well, I’m gunna try that, see if it works.

Another thing is that, when I signed up, what I really wanted was hosting… No domain name melarky (as I already have that hosted by someone else), I just wanted to get xxx.xxGb of webspace with something like andrew.dreamhost.com as an address, that I could point my current domain name to. It’s annoying having to go through all this domain transfer business. Is this possible? I mean, I just want to get hosting, point my existing domain name at this account and job done.

You see?

Yeah, sure. You can leave your domain name registered where it is and just host it here at DreamHost. To do this, you need to use whatever configuration utility your domain registrar provides to change the name servers for the domain to…


You can then add the domain to the DreamHost system by going to Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain /Sub-Domain in the admin panel.

Note: It will take up to 72 hours for the DNS changes to fully propagate across the Internet.

Edit: You could also add a free dreamhosters.com sub-domain and re-direct your existing domain to that, but changing the name servers for your existing domain is (in my opinion) the better solution.


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Okay, well I’ve already done the name server change (only ns1 and ns2 though, as my current host only has two text boxes and no “add another”… I assume it’ll still be fine though, right?).

I’ll try the subdomain thing too.

Should I turn off redirecting on my domain name? I mean, if I leave it on, surely the nameserver change won’t make a difference; it’ll still redirect to my current (isp) host…?

Thanks for the help.

Edit: The domain I’ve registered with my current provider is just a domain redirection service; there’s no hosting for it what so ever, all it does is redirect to my ISP’s server where the pages are hosted and hence, there’s no actual username and password for the domain name itself… Does that mean that I’m just gunna have to stick with transferring the domain name?

Yep, that should be fine.

Do you mean adding the free dreamhosters sub-domain and setting it to mirror your domain, as explained in the wiki article I linked above? If that is what you meant, then following that procedure should allow you to access your domain (indirectly) while you are waiting for the DNS to propagate. Personally, I would just wait for the propagation, as it rarely takes more than 24-36 hours (although, it can take up to 72 hours).

I think you will find that since the DNS for the domain will now be handled by the DreamHost name servers, the old re-direction you had will cease to function once the new DNS information has propagated. Any re-direction (if needed) should now be done at the DreamHost end. Although, disabling the old re-direct shouldn’t do any harm.


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Ah well, I got bored and ended up transferring the whole domain over to Dreamhosts. I’m an impatiant guy, unfortunatly it says it will take about a week.

Look where my impatients gets me :frowning:

Thanks anyway.